Prostitution is not a choice

  • Three quarters of women involved in street-based prostitution started when they were children.
  • Three quarters say that poverty was the main reason they got involved.
  • Women involved in prostitution are 18 times more likely to be murdered than other people.

Most women say they want to leave prostitution, but don’t get the help they need to be able to do so.

What we are calling for in Tower Hamlets:

  1. An end to the arrests of women involved in prostitution.
  2. Arrests of those who buy sex and exploit women.
  3. More support services to help women leave prostitution.

Sweden made these changes in 1999. Since then, street-based prostitution has been halved.

What you can do

LIFT Campaign Flyer

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Petitioning in Whitechapel


One response to “Campaign

  1. I know I have said this many times – but please do not just keep the focus on street prostitution, for it may give ammunition to the push to put all prostitution indoors. This is highly dangerous for the prostituted, for it make all the violence invisible and dealt with in-house. Most murders of the prostituted are done indoors, whether she was a street prostitute or doing indoors prostitution. The difference is that in much of indoors prostitution the sex trade profiteers are capable of making the crimes disappear, and carry on as normal.