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Submission to Amnesty consultation

Lift recently submitted a response to Amnesty International’s policy consultation on prostitution. Amnesty are currently considering a proposal to take a stance in favour of decriminalising prostitution and will be voting on this issue at their AGM on 12th April.

We felt it was important to raise our concerns about the proposal. Whilst we support a call for women involved in prostitution to be decriminalised, we object to the proposal that men should be free to by sex. We feel that this stance ignores the unequal power dynamics at play between men who buy sex and prostituted women and normalises the abuse that is inherent in prostitution. You can read our consultation submission here.

If you would like to write to Amnesty on the issue, you can use our template letter.


Write to Amnesty

A leaked document recently revealed that Amnesty International are proposing to take a stance on prostitution in favour of decriminalising both the buying and selling of sex. Whilst we are in favour of the decriminalisation of women who sell sex, we are concerned that the decriminalisation of men who buy sex will normalise the sex industry and the harms experienced by prostituted women. You can read more about the issue here.

To write a letter to Amnesty International please click here to see our template letter.

Send a letter to Tower Hamlets council

Tower Hamlets council launches it’s Violence Against Women & Girls Plan today. We welcome the inclusion of prostitution in this strategy, but we’re concerned to ensure that the general commitments around service provision meet the needs of women involved in prostitution, and that their commitment to hold perpetrators accountable is not only focused on domestic violence, but includes measures to hold accountable those who force or coerce women to be involved in prostitution and those who pay for sex.

You can help us hold the council accountable by sending this template letter, either in the post or by email. Please only send this letter if you live or work in Tower Hamlets, and if you can, add something personal about your own experience as a resident. Personal touches always make letters more effective.