Women’s stories

The following testimony is from a woman currently involved in prostitution in Tower Hamlets, about her recent treatment from Tower Hamlets police. She has given her consent for her testimony to be published here anonymously.

19 April 2012:
My life is hectic.  One night I can have a good client and not have to work for a few days but the risk is that if I don’t get that or I don’t get a phone call, I have to go out… but that’s not good because they’re targeting us. They’ve said that to me. They told me  when I got arrested that they’d been sitting at the end of the road watching.  I was arrested when I was walking home. It’s because he recognized me, he ran a name check.  He said that I was a known common prostitute. I was only crossing the road to be out of my ASBO area… and he nicked me…held me in for two days.  I was clucking bad.

I feel depressed…nervous… having to watch over my back…embarrassed.  If they target me and catch me, it’s embarrassing, it’s not nice. It’s not fair cause I’m not causing any trouble… I am just trying to fund a habit. It’s better than mugging or thieving… what I’m doing.  It’s not a choice… that’s the only way I know to fund my habit.  I tried begging… I tried but… it doesn’t fund my habit.  I use £180 a day sometimes anything up to £500.

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